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Last-Minute Update

After uploading more content, tweaking each individual assignment and making the suggested changes to my individual project, my portfolio and final are complete. Or rather, they are as complete as they’re going to be before this summer when I attack “Transatlantic Encounters” all over again. While I’m looking forward to getting my hands dirty with Omeka and PHP programming, I am so grateful that I had this semester to familiarize myself with CSS3 and Dreamweaver. It has really illuminated what can be done with some simple styling (and without resorting to jQuery). I am also grateful to you all for your help, constructive criticism and camaraderie. As next week may be the last time I’m ever in Fairfax, I want to wish everyone good luck with their scholarship. We’ll always have the hashtag!

This week I commented on Steph’s updated project.

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